Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: iksana

  iksana—by glancing over    SB 2.2.12
  iksana—from directly seeing    SB 6.9.29-30
  iksana—glance.    Adi 5.56
  iksana—glancing    Adi 6.17
  aruna-iksana—of reddish eyes    SB 5.9.18
  dava-iksana-usnah—and whose glance was like flames of fire.    SB 10.12.17
  iksana-adharam—eyes of the same nature    SB 4.8.46
  iksana-visayah—the object of the sight    SB 5.3.10
  kamala-iksana—whose eyes are exactly like the petals of the lotus flower.    SB 4.30.25
  kuvalaya-iksana—the lotus-eyed    SB 3.23.24
  madira-iksana—with enchanting eyes    SB 4.28.34
  tat-iksana—just to look upon Him (Krsna)    SB 1.11.24
  tat-iksana-utprema-rasa-apluta-asayah—all the thoughts of the cowherd men merged in the mellow of paternal love, which was aroused by seeing their sons    SB 10.13.33
  akula-iksana—her eyes were filled    SB 8.17.6

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