Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: iba

  la-iba—I shall take.    Madhya 7.11, Madhya 15.263, Madhya 17.13
  ha-iba—will be    Antya 6.26, Antya 9.140
  na la-iba—I shall not take.    Madhya 17.5, Madhya 20.31
  duhkha ha-iba—there will be unhappiness.    Madhya 17.13
  ha-iba—they shall do.    Adi 17.265
  ha-iba—I shall become    Madhya 12.10
  ha-iba—shall become    Madhya 12.20
  ha-iba—will become    Antya 13.23
  la-iba—shall I enumerate    Adi 12.65
  la-iba—one should chant    Adi 17.30
  la-iba—I shall mention    Madhya 3.153-155
  la-iba—will take it back.    Madhya 4.31
  la-iba—will take    Antya 9.35
  la-iba—should I take    Antya 9.49
  la-iba—I shall call    Antya 10.24
  la-iba prasada—shall take prasada    Antya 12.142
  na ha-iba—we should not be    Madhya 22.119
  na la-iba—please do not take    Antya 3.120
  pitha-pana la-iba—I will ask for cakes and sweet rice as a fine.    Madhya 12.132
  savadhana ha-iba—you should be very careful.    Antya 13.87

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