Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hrta

  hrta—captivated    SB 3.25.36
  hrta—distorted    Bg 7.20
  hrta—defeated    SB 4.28.15
  hrta—taken away    SB 5.13.6
  hrta—lost    SB 9.6.52
  hrta—lost in ecstasy    SB 10.12.44
  hrta—attracted    SB 10.13.5
  hrta—carried away.    SB 6.18.30
  hrta-aisvaryah—bereft of opulence    SB 4.28.6
  hrta-apatya—bereft of my two sons, the lambs    SB 9.14.29
  hrta-bhuh—his land having been taken away    SB 9.8.2
  hrta-cetasah—their consciousness having been taken away    SB 9.8.11
  hrta-cetasah—devoid of material consciousness    Madhya 24.178
  hrta-srinam—of your sons, who are bereft of all opulences    SB 8.17.12
  hrta-sriyah—bereft of all opulence    SB 8.16.15
  hrta-okasah—whose abodes were taken by Hiranyakasipu    SB 7.8.26
  hrta-pratyaya—deprived of all sensation    SB 10.3.48-49
  hrta-punyah—being bereft of the results of pious activities    SB 4.20.14
  hrta-sarvasvam—now bereft of everything    SB 8.22.21
  hrta-sthanan—bereft of a residence    SB 8.16.15
  hrta-svah—all of whose possessions have been stolen    SB 5.13.7
  hrta-vittah—one whose wealth is lost    SB 3.30.32
  hrta-yajna—devoid of sacrificial    SB 1.16.20

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