Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hetave

  hetave—the root cause.    SB 1.17.28
  hetave—for the sake of    SB 3.32.5
  hetave—to cause.    SB 7.1.42
  hetave—for the purpose of    SB 8.1.14
  hetave—the original cause.    SB 8.16.30
  kula-daiva-hetave—for the good fortune of the dynasty    SB 9.5.9
  naraka-hetave—for going to hell.    SB 9.10.28
  sarva-pratyaya-hetave—who is the solution to all doubts (and without whose help one cannot solve all doubts and inabilities)    SB 8.3.14
  sukha-hetave—for happiness    SB 3.30.2
  yoga-hetave—the original master of all mystic power.    SB 8.16.33

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