Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hate

  hate—in the hand.    Adi 10.73, Madhya 1.85, Madhya 3.94, Madhya 6.222, Madhya 6.249, Madhya 6.251, Madhya 9.99, Madhya 11.200, Madhya 14.56, Madhya 19.129 (and more...)
  hate—on the hands    Madhya 2.21, Madhya 3.78, Madhya 15.80, Madhya 17.209
  hate—to the hand    Adi 10.92, Madhya 1.198
  hate—in His hand    Adi 13.26, Adi 17.92, Antya 13.54
  hate—was killed    SB 6.13.10
  hate—hands    Madhya 1.216
  hate—in hand    Madhya 5.51
  hate—into the hand.    Antya 6.146
  hate—on the wrist    Antya 14.45
  hate—his palm.    Antya 16.45
  hate—in the market    Antya 19.20
  yoda-hate—with folded hands    Madhya 3.61, Madhya 13.81, Madhya 15.9, Madhya 16.180, Madhya 18.215, Madhya 21.73, Antya 3.235
  hate hate—in every stall    Madhya 4.132, Madhya 4.132
  mora hate—from my hand    Madhya 17.78, Madhya 17.167
  sunya-hate—in the vacant marketplace    Madhya 4.125
  dui-hate—in two hands    Antya 9.57
  govinda-hate—in the hand of Govinda    Madhya 11.206
  govinda-hate diya—through the hands of Govinda.    Madhya 16.38
  hate pitari—when their father was killed    SB 9.15.35-36
  hate dhari—catching Their hands    Madhya 3.69
  hate dhari—catching his hands    Madhya 15.282
  hate dhari—catching the hand    Antya 20.53
  hate tali diya—clapping his two hands.    Madhya 6.238
  jagadananda-hate—in the hands of Jagadananda.    Madhya 6.250
  lathi-hate—with a stick in his hand    Madhya 15.246
  mora hate—my hand    Madhya 11.21
  nityananda-hate—in the hands of Lord Nityananda Prabhu    Madhya 5.141
  prabhura hate—in the hand of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 16.90
  raksakera hate—from the clutches of the watchmen    Madhya 16.235
  sei hate—with that hand    Madhya 15.81
  ta-hate—by that    Antya 3.58
  taha hate—than that    Adi 4.126
  tanhara hate dhari—catching his hand    Madhya 16.138
  vrtre hate—when Vrtrasura was killed    SB 6.13.1
  valini hate—when Vali had been killed    SB 9.10.12
  yanra hate—within His hands    Antya 9.44
  apana-hate—by His own hand    Antya 19.51
  apanara hate—with His own hand    Madhya 12.131

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