Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: harina

  harina—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 7.2.6, SB 7.8.35, SB 8.6.39, SB 8.14.5, SB 8.24.11, SB 8.24.45, SB 10.9.19, Adi 5.39, Adi 17.293, Antya 15.1
  harina—by Lord Hari    SB 2.7.34-35, SB 4.28.41, SB 6.18.66-67
  harina—by the Supreme Lord    SB 7.8.23, SB 7.10.35, Madhya 24.172
  harina—by the Personality of Godhead    SB 1.15.5, SB 3.14.2
  harina—by Hari    SB 3.19.12, SB 7.2.1
  harina—with Lord Hari    Adi 1.13, Adi 6.5
  harina—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Visnu    SB 4.22.42
  harina—by Hari, Visnu    SB 7.1.41
  harina-kunaka—from the calf of the deer    SB 5.8.15
  harina-kunakah—the deer calf    SB 5.8.9
  harina-kunakena—the deer calf    SB 5.8.12
  harina-raja-kumarah—the deer, who was just like a prince because of my taking care of it exactly like a son    SB 5.8.20
  kim harina—what is the fear from Lord Visnu    SB 10.4.36

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