Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: hao

  hao—are    Adi 2.39, Adi 2.42, Adi 2.46, Adi 14.52, Adi 17.215, Madhya 3.81, Madhya 8.200, Madhya 15.161, Madhya 20.107, Antya 4.129-130 (and more...)
  hao—you become    Adi 5.177, Adi 17.176, Madhya 5.93, Madhya 12.29
  hao—become    Adi 13.117, Adi 17.149, Madhya 14.249, Madhya 16.237
  hao—you are    Madhya 1.178, Madhya 1.278
  hao—just become    Adi 6.51
  hao—please come    Madhya 13.93
  bhadra hao—become like a gentleman in appearance    Madhya 20.42
  bahira hao—leave home    Madhya 24.259
  eka-pasa hao—kindly turn on one side    Antya 10.86
  ki na hao—are not    Adi 2.35
  kusala hao—be blessed    Antya 12.58
  krsna-dasa hao—You are servants of Lord Krsna    Adi 6.43
  pujya hao—You are worshipable    Madhya 25.82
  santusta hao—please be satisfied    Madhya 3.82
  se hao tumi—whatever You may be    Adi 17.114
  su-stha hao—are you all right    Antya 11.21
  sukhi hao—be happy    Madhya 21.76
  tumi hao sparsa-mani—you are certainly a touchstone.    Madhya 24.277
  ye hao—whatever You are    Adi 17.114

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