Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gupta

  gupta—Murari Gupta    Madhya 15.153, Antya 12.13
  gupta—covered    Madhya 1.278
  gupta—confidential    Madhya 2.82
  gupta—hidden    Madhya 8.289
  gupta—O Gupta    Madhya 15.138
  murari-gupta—Murari Gupta    Madhya 11.152, Antya 4.45, Antya 10.9-11, Antya 12.98
  gupta murari—of the name Murari Gupta    Adi 13.46, Adi 13.61
  murari gupta—of the name Murari Gupta    Adi 13.4, Adi 13.15
  sri-murari gupta—of the name Sri Murari Gupta    Adi 10.49
  gupta karena—keeps hidden    Madhya 17.50
  gupta murari—Murari Gupta    Madhya 10.81
  gupta-arthah—secrecy    SB 4.22.59
  gupta-bodhah—whose consciousness is hidden    Madhya 23.65
  gupta-datte—both Murari Gupta and Vasudeva Datta    Madhya 14.80
  gupta-murari—Murari Gupta    Antya 10.140-141
  gupta-seva—confidential service    Adi 10.92
  gupta-varta—confidential talks    Madhya 9.176
  kabhu gupta—sometimes hidden    Antya 6.124
  murari gupta—Murari Gupta    Madhya 11.86
  murari-gupta—of Murari Gupta    Adi 17.69
  nija-gupta-vittam—His own personal confidential property    Madhya 23.1
  nabhi-gupta—Nabhigupta    SB 5.20.14
  paramananda gupta—of the name Paramananda Gupta    Adi 11.45
  sei murari-gupta—that Murari Gupta    Madhya 15.157
  vastra-gupta—covered by cloth    Adi 13.114

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