Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grhah

  grhah—houses    SB 3.25.39-40, SB 4.22.11
  grhah—home.    SB 4.13.45, SB 4.13.46
  grhah—all houses    SB 1.19.33
  grhah—home    SB 4.22.44
  grhah—household life    SB 4.30.19
  grhah—residence    SB 6.15.21-23
  grhah—big buildings and residences    SB 7.7.39
  grhah—your home    SB 8.16.11
  grhah—their household affairs    SB 10.8.24
  grhah—the houses    Antya 7.10
  utsrsta-grhah—vacating their respective residences    SB 9.11.30
  yat-grhah—whose house    SB 4.22.10

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