Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grastah

  grastah—overcome    SB 1.13.21
  grastah—attacked    SB 3.21.55
  graha-grastah—being caught by an eclipse    SB 6.1.63
  graha-grastah—haunted by a ghost    SB 7.7.35
  karma-grastah—one who is under the laws of karma    SB 8.24.2-3
  kama-graha-grastah—being haunted by the ghost of lusty desire    SB 9.19.5-6
  mrtyu-grastah—although in imminent danger of death    SB 8.6.21
  sarpa-grastah—one who is bitten by the snake    SB 1.13.46

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