Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: grame

  grame—in the village    SB 5.26.32, Adi 13.33, Madhya 4.57, Madhya 4.93, Madhya 7.121, Madhya 9.7-8, Madhya 9.326, Madhya 18.26, Madhya 24.266, Antya 3.156
  grame—to the village    Adi 17.55-56, Madhya 4.132, Madhya 5.104, Madhya 7.104
  grame—in the locality    SB 2.3.18, Madhya 25.18
  grame—in the town    Madhya 16.252, Madhya 25.234
  grame—in Varanasi    Adi 7.67
  grame—to a village    Madhya 9.39
  grame-grame—in every village.    Madhya 7.82, Madhya 7.82, Madhya 16.111, Madhya 16.111
  sei grame—in that village    Madhya 9.285, Madhya 18.26, Antya 1.40
  grame grame—in each and every village    Adi 7.166, Adi 7.166
  grame grame—from village to village    Madhya 17.117, Madhya 17.117
  grame-grame—every village    Madhya 1.103, Madhya 1.103
  dura-grame—in distant villages    Madhya 15.86
  ei grame—in this village    Madhya 18.173
  ei grame vasi—I reside in this village    Madhya 4.28
  ekeka grame—one village after another    Madhya 4.90
  grame-gramera—from village to village    Antya 6.173
  ganthuli-grame—in the village known as Ganthuli    Madhya 18.29
  kuliya-grame—in that village known as Kuliya-grama    Madhya 1.153
  nija-grame—to his own village    Madhya 7.100
  prati-grame—in each village    Madhya 16.152
  panihati grame—to the village called Panihati    Antya 2.54
  panihati-grame—in the village known as Panihati    Antya 6.43
  pathaila grame—he sent to the nearby village    Antya 6.52
  ramakeli-grame—to this village named Ramakeli.    Madhya 1.213
  ramakeli-grame—in the village known as Ramakeli    Madhya 16.211
  ramakeli-grame—in Ramakeli    Madhya 19.3
  sei grame—to that village    Madhya 18.36
  sei grame—in the village.    Antya 3.167
  varanasi-grame—in the city of Varanasi    Madhya 25.173
  ye desa-grame—in which country or village    Antya 3.164
  ye-grame—in whatever village    Madhya 17.58
  yei grame—in whatever village    Madhya 7.106
  yei grame—to whichever village    Madhya 7.120
  yei grame—in any village    Madhya 7.131-132
  adaila-grame—in the village known as Adaila    Madhya 19.61
  arit-grame—in the village known as Arit-grama    Madhya 18.3

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