Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gopinatha

  gopinatha—Gopinatha Acarya    Madhya 6.29, Madhya 6.66, Madhya 6.67, Madhya 7.75, Madhya 7.86, Madhya 11.71, Madhya 11.179, Madhya 11.181
  gopinatha—Lord Gopinatha    Madhya 4.160, Madhya 4.165, Madhya 4.174
  gopinatha—Gopinatha    Madhya 13.40, Madhya 15.294, Antya 9.123
  gopinatha—the Deity of Gopinatha    Madhya 4.13, Madhya 4.112
  gopinatha—Gopinatha Pattanayaka    Antya 9.73, Antya 9.132
  gopinatha—the Deity of Lord Gopinatha    Madhya 4.133
  gopinatha—of the Gopinatha Deity    Madhya 4.210
  gopinatha—My dear Gopinatha    Madhya 11.173
  gopinatha—the Deity named Gopinatha    Madhya 16.33
  gopinatha-acarya—Gopinatha Acarya    Madhya 6.209, Madhya 9.341, Madhya 11.66, Madhya 11.72, Madhya 11.124, Madhya 11.184, Madhya 11.203, Madhya 12.179, Madhya 15.282, Madhya 16.127-129 (and more...)
  gopinatha-acarya—of the name Gopinatha Acarya.    Madhya 6.17, Madhya 6.77, Madhya 6.210, Madhya 6.244
  gopinatha kahe—Gopinatha Acarya replied    Madhya 6.71, Madhya 6.73, Madhya 14.85
  gopinatha-pattanayaka—Gopinatha Pattanayaka    Antya 9.17, Antya 9.46
  srila sri-gopinatha—the all-beautiful and opulent Gopinathaji    Antya 20.142-143
  gopinatha darasana—visiting the temple of Gopinatha    Madhya 16.28
  gopinatha pattanayaka—of the name Gopinatha Pattanayaka    Madhya 1.265
  gopinatha sevana—worship of Gopinatha    Madhya 16.132
  gopinatha simha—of the name of Gopinatha Simha    Adi 10.76
  gopinatha acaryake lana—taking Gopinatha Acarya    Madhya 6.47
  gopinatha acaryere—to Gopinatha Acarya    Madhya 6.50
  gopinatha, vaninatha, sankara—Gopinatha, Vaninatha and Sankara    Madhya 12.163-164
  gopinatha-carane—at the lotus feet of Lord Gopinatha    Madhya 4.155
  gopinatha-mukunda—Gopinatha Acarya and Mukunda Datta    Madhya 6.77
  gopinatha-pattanayaka-mocana—the deliverance of Gopinatha Pattanayaka, the brother of Ramananda Raya    Antya 20.116
  gopinatha-pattanayake—Gopinatha Pattanayaka    Antya 9.86
  gopinatha-rupe—in His arca incarnation as Gopinatha    Madhya 4.208
  gopinatha-sevaka—the servants of the Gopinatha Deity    Madhya 4.203
  gopinatha-acarya—Gopinatha Acarya, the brother-in-law of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya    Madhya 6.238
  gopinatha-acarya kahe—Gopinatha Acarya replied    Madhya 6.51
  gopinatha-acaryake—to Gopinatha Acarya    Madhya 6.64
  gopinatha-acarye—unto Gopinatha Acarya    Madhya 14.83
  ksira-cora gopinatha—the Gopinatha who stole the pot of sweet rice    Madhya 4.19
  pattanayaka gopinatha—of the name Pattanayaka Gopinatha    Adi 10.133

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