Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gopa

  gopa—cowherd boy    Adi 2.34, Adi 5.21, Madhya 15.22, Madhya 21.20, Antya 5.101
  gopa—of other cowherd men    Madhya 6.149
  gopa—cowherd    Madhya 9.112
  gopa—the cowherd boys    Antya 6.90
  gopa—the milkman    Antya 6.175
  gopa-vesa—dressed like a cowherd boy    Adi 11.21, Madhya 1.146, Madhya 13.129
  gopa-vesa—the dress of a cowherd boy    Madhya 1.79, Madhya 20.177, Madhya 21.101
  sri-gopa-indra—of Nanda Maharaja    Antya 15.14
  syama-gopa-rupa—form as Syamasundara, the cowherd boy.    Madhya 8.268
  eka gopa—one cowherd boy    Madhya 18.161
  gopa ami—I am a cowherd boy    Madhya 4.28
  gopa-abhimana—thinking Himself a cowherd boy    Madhya 20.177
  gopa-avatara—an incarnation of one of the cowherd boys    Antya 2.85
  gopa-bhava—the ecstasy of the cowherd boys    Madhya 15.26
  gopa-bhava—emotion of a cowherd boy    Madhya 20.187
  gopa-balaka saba—all the cowherd boys    Madhya 3.13
  gopa-darakah—other boys born in the same neighborhood of the cowherd men    SB 10.8.32
  gopa-gana—cowherd men    Madhya 15.241
  gopa-gana—cowherd boys    Antya 6.75
  gopa-ganera yata—as many as are possessed by the cowherd boys    Madhya 21.21
  gopa-gobhih—with cowherds and cows    SB 10.2.7
  gopa-gokula-nandanah—just like a cowherd boy, born in a family of cowherd men as the son of the estate of Gokula    SB 10.8.16
  gopa-gopi-gavam—for all the cowherd men, the members of their families, and the cows    SB 10.11.28
  gopa-gopisu—all the inhabitants of Vrndavana, the gopas and the gopis, associating with Nanda Maharaja and Yasoda and following in their footsteps    SB 10.8.51
  gopa-grhe—in the house of a cowherd    Adi 17.111
  gopa-indra-nandana—the son of the King of the cowherd men    Madhya 2.55
  gopa-jati—belonging to the cowherd community    Madhya 9.135
  gopa-jati—belonging to the community of cowherd boys    Antya 6.75
  gopa-lilaya—in His pastimes as a cowherd boy    Antya 19.12
  gopa-murti—the cowherd boy.    Madhya 20.166
  gopa-naribhih—with the gopis    Madhya 17.214
  gopa-rajam—the king of the cowherds    SB 3.2.32
  gopa-ramanam—of all the gopis    Madhya 8.216
  gopa-ramanam—of the women of Vraja    Adi 4.163
  gopa-sundari—beautiful gopis    Antya 18.90
  gopa-utsanga—the lap of a cowherd boy    Adi 5.139
  gopa-vadhvah—the cowherd damsels.    SB 1.9.40
  gopa-vadhu-vitena—by a boy engaged in joking with the gopis.    Madhya 10.178
  gopa-vadhu-vitena—engaged in joking with the gopis.    Madhya 24.133
  gopa-vadhuti—of the cowherd girls    Madhya 19.98
  gopa-vesa—with the dress of a cowherd boy    Adi 17.279
  gopa-vesa haila—dressed Himself as a cowherd boy    Madhya 15.17
  gopa-vese—in the dress of cowherd boys    Adi 5.191
  gopa-vilasi—an enjoyer as a cowherd boy    Adi 17.302
  gopa-vrddhah—the elderly persons among the cowherd men    SB 10.11.21
  gopa-angana-gana-vimohana—for bewildering the groups of the gopis    Antya 1.162
  kata gopa—how many cowherd boys    Madhya 21.19
  nanda-gopa—Nanda and the cowherd men    SB 1.8.21
  nanda-gopa-abhinandita—being honored by Maharaja Nanda and mother Yasoda    SB 10.5.17

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