Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ghosa

  ghosa—residential places of cowherd men    SB 5.5.30
  brahma-ghosa—with the sounds of the Vedic hymns    SB 4.4.6
  sri-madhava ghosa—of the name Sri Madhava Ghosa    Adi 11.18
  ghosa-praghosa-ruciram—producing a sound with Their ankle bells that was very, very sweet to hear    SB 10.8.22
  govinda-ghosa—Govinda Ghosh    Madhya 13.42
  madhava ghosa—Madhava Ghosa    Madhya 11.88
  vasu-ghosa—Vasudeva Ghosa    Madhya 11.88
  vasudeva ghosa—of the name Vasudeva Ghosa    Adi 10.118
  vasudeva-ghosa—Vasudeva Ghosh    Madhya 13.43

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