Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ghate

  ghate—on the bank    Madhya 12.107, Madhya 16.119
  ghate—in the waterpot    Adi 14.32
  ghate ghate theki—when there was a collision between one pot and another    Madhya 12.110, Madhya 12.110
  cabbisa ghate—in the twenty-four ghats, or bathing places    Madhya 17.190
  sata ghate—in a hundred waterpots    Madhya 12.95
  cira-ghate snana—bathing at Cira-ghata    Madhya 18.75
  dhruva-ghate—at the bank of the Yamuna known as Dhruva-ghata    Madhya 25.186
  ei ghate—in this bathing place    Madhya 18.136
  ganga-ghate—on the bank of the Ganges    Adi 13.100
  ganga-ghate—on the bank of the Ganges    Adi 17.47
  adailera ghate—at the shore of the village Adaila    Madhya 19.83

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