Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ganan

  ganan—many    SB 3.3.22
  ganan—the hosts of.    SB 3.20.38
  ganan—hosts    SB 3.20.42
  ganan—to the devotees    Adi 11.4
  ganan—to all the followers    Adi 12.3
  deva-ganan—the demigods    SB 3.17.23, SB 8.7.11, SB 8.20.25-29
  sura-ganan—the demigods    SB 4.1.57, SB 6.11.6
  ahah-ganan—days after days    SB 9.14.25
  amara-ganan—all the demigods    SB 10.1.26
  bha-ganan—luminaries    SB 3.17.14
  bhakta-ganan—all the devotees    Adi 10.7
  bhuta-ganan—ghosts    Bg 17.4
  bhuta-ganan—the ghosts    SB 4.4.10
  bhuta-ganan—the ghostly living entities    SB 8.1.26
  sruti-ganan—all the different Vedas (Sama, Yajur, Rg and Atharva)    SB 7.9.37
  sruti-ganan—the Vedic instruction    SB 8.14.4
  marut-ganan—the demigods.    SB 2.3.8
  marutam ganan—the Maruts.    SB 6.18.64
  pitr-ganan—the inhabitants of the Pita planets    SB 2.10.37-40
  pitr-ganan—and the Pitas    SB 3.20.42
  sa-ganan—with their hordes    SB 6.11.17
  sura-ganan—unto the demigods    SB 8.12.1-2
  sva-ganan ca—and his associates    SB 8.12.22

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