Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: gam

  gam—the earth    SB 1.10.3, SB 1.18.6, SB 1.19.25, SB 3.13.16, SB 3.13.30, SB 3.17.17, SB 3.18.6, SB 3.18.8, SB 4.7.46, SB 4.16.22 (and more...)
  gam—the cow    SB 1.6.9, SB 1.14.41, SB 1.16.18, SB 1.17.3
  gam—the world    SB 3.13.11, SB 3.24.18, SB 4.30.44, SB 9.1.42
  gam—the planets    Bg 15.13
  gam—on the earth    SB 1.6.26
  gam—to the ocean    SB 1.10.36
  gam—cows    SB 1.12.14
  gam—cow    SB 1.16.5
  gam—earth    SB 3.1.19
  gam—situated    SB 3.18.6
  gam—the whole world    SB 4.9.22
  gam—in the form of a cow    SB 4.16.22
  gam—cow, earth    SB 4.17.6-7
  gam—the earth.    SB 4.21.9
  gam—the heavenly planets    SB 4.30.44
  gam—the entire planet    SB 6.4.4
  gam—the surface of the globe    SB 6.11.8
  gam—a cow    SB 8.18.32
  gam—the surface of the land    SB 8.19.34
  gam—the order    SB 10.1.21
  gam—to the surface of the globe    SB 10.2.14
  gam—upon this earth    SB 10.2.38
  sabda-gam—which catches sound.    SB 3.26.32
  gam ca anaya—also, at the same time, bring the cows    Madhya 24.223
  kama-gam—moving at will    SB 3.23.12
  kama-gam—able to fly anywhere he desired    SB 8.10.16-18
  maya-gam—false cow    SB 4.17.27
  para-vesma-gam—one who has gone to another manís house and committed adultery    SB 9.11.9
  para-gam—crossing over    SB 3.25.8
  sarvatra-gam—all-pervading    Bg 12.3-4
  sva-karma-vasa-gam—under the influence of the results of fruitive activities    SB 9.19.3
  utpatha-gam—who is proceeding on the wrong path    SB 5.5.17
  asu-gam—going very swiftly    SB 4.26.1-3

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