Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: etha

  etha—here    Adi 12.36, Adi 16.20, Madhya 3.32, Madhya 5.77-78, Madhya 5.142-143, Madhya 8.31, Madhya 9.332, Madhya 11.12, Madhya 11.36, Madhya 17.96 (and more...)
  etha—there    Madhya 3.211, Madhya 25.186
  etha—on the other side    Madhya 25.222, Antya 1.34
  etha—on the other hand    Antya 12.7, Antya 13.89
  etha—here    Adi 15.18
  etha—thus    Madhya 4.114
  etha—in the temple    Madhya 4.125
  etha—here.    Madhya 8.126
  etha—here (in Gauda-desa)    Madhya 19.13
  etha—at this time    Madhya 19.30
  etha—here (at the other end)    Madhya 25.210
  etha—here, at his home    Antya 6.176
  nahika etha—is not present here    Madhya 15.57
  rahena etha—remains here.    Antya 9.94
  tomara etha asi—coming here to your place    Antya 12.90
  aila etha—you have come here    Antya 5.58
  amara etha—at My place    Antya 13.103

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