Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: durmadah

  durmadah—Durmada    SB 4.29.14, SB 9.23.23, SB 9.24.47-48
  durmadah—vainglorious    SB 3.18.1
  durmadah—who is too attached to the members of his family    SB 8.2.26
  durmadah—a son named Durmada    SB 9.23.15
  durmadah—not very intelligent    SB 6.7.18
  durmadah—furious    SB 6.10.19-22
  durmadah—very powerful and competent    SB 8.6.33
  rana-ranga-durmadah—arrogant on the battlefield    SB 6.11.8

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