Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: duhkhe

  duhkhe—in unhappiness    Adi 12.24, Adi 17.46, Antya 13.4, Antya 14.51, Antya 16.149, Antya 17.58
  duhkhe—in distress    Bg 2.38, SB 4.20.13
  duhkhe—in great distress    Madhya 7.139, Madhya 21.132
  duhkhe—in great unhappiness    Madhya 25.7, Madhya 25.185
  duhkhe—in misery    SB 3.10.26
  duhkhe—and distress    SB 4.28.37
  duhkhe—the unhappiness.    Madhya 7.24
  duhkhe—unhappy    Antya 7.109
  ei duhkhe—in this unhappiness    Madhya 9.189
  maha-duhkhe—in great unhappiness    Antya 8.62
  mano-duhkhe—out of great mental distress    Madhya 9.216
  pai duhkhe—I was very much aggrieved.    Madhya 17.127
  apana-duhkhe—in my own unhappiness    Antya 8.23
  apanara duhkhe—in my own unhappiness    Antya 8.25
  apanara sukha-duhkhe—for personal happiness and distress    Antya 9.75
  atma-sukha-duhkhe—in personal happiness or distress    Adi 4.174

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