Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drstya

  drstya—by the glance    SB 1.11.10
  drstya—by glances    SB 1.11.10
  drstya—by vision    SB 2.2.29
  drstya—by such a glance    SB 2.7.24
  drstya—by your glance    SB 3.15.9
  drstya—on account of seeing    SB 3.15.34
  drstya—seeing    SB 4.7.15
  drstya—by example    SB 7.13.10
  drstya—by His glance    SB 9.24.67
  ananya-drstya—by nothing but devotional service    SB 3.13.49
  bheda-drstya—because of independent vision    SB 3.32.12-15
  drstya svaya—by Krsna’s glancing over    SB 10.12.32
  rosa-drstya—by wrathful glance    SB 2.7.7
  sva-drstya—out of their own will    SB 3.15.29
  sva-drstya—by transcendental vision    SB 4.9.15
  ugra-drstya—and fierce glance    SB 7.2.3

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