Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drstam

  dṛṣṭam—seen    SB 1.12.30, SB 3.33.27, SB 6.2.30, SB 6.18.49, SB 7.8.56, SB 9.5.14
  dṛṣṭam—is seen    SB 5.10.11
  dṛṣṭam—visible    SB 6.9.10
  dṛṣṭam—the material enjoyment we experience in our present life    SB 9.19.20
  dṛṣṭam—being seen    Adi 17.293
  dṛṣṭam—experienced by direct perception    Madhya 25.37
  dṛṣṭam—personally seen    Antya 17.1
  brahma-dṛṣṭam—when it is judged by the brāhmaṇas    SB 8.23.14
  prāk-dṛṣṭam—which he had previously seen    SB 10.13.63

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