Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drstah

  drstah—seen    SB 4.7.37, SB 8.24.26, Antya 3.85
  drstah—seen    SB 4.18.6, SB 7.7.18
  drstah—have been seen    SB 8.12.12, SB 10.5.31
  drstah—direction    Bg 17.11
  drstah—observed    Bg 2.16
  drstah—experienced    SB 1.6.34
  drstah—just seen    SB 3.13.22
  drstah—is seen    SB 3.22.6
  drstah—it is experienced by everyone    SB 5.10.21
  drstah—practically experienced    SB 7.5.11
  drstah—has been seen (by us)    SB 10.6.32
  drstah—has been seen    Antya 15.33
  drstah—by seeing them    SB 1.13.11
  drstah—prescribed    SB 4.18.3
  drstah—have been seen practically    SB 7.9.23
  svapna-drstah—the evil spirits that cause bad dreams    SB 10.6.27-29

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