Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drsta

  drsta—seen (in this world)    SB 3.25.26
  drsta—having seen    SB 3.27.9
  drsta—discovered    SB 3.27.24
  drsta—by seeing    SB 6.1.9
  drsta—of material vision    SB 6.4.26
  drsta—from material sight    SB 6.9.39
  drsta—directly perceived    SB 6.16.61-62
  drsta—by whatever has been experienced by seeing with the eyes    SB 10.1.41
  drsta—by observing    SB 1.14.22
  drsta—it has been seen    SB 3.2.19
  drsta-sruta—by experiencing personally through direct association, or by getting knowledge from the Vedas    SB 5.12.14
  drsta-matram—being only seen    Madhya 24.349
  drsta-tattvena—with vision of the Absolute Truth    SB 3.27.22
  drsta-vat—like direct experience    SB 4.29.2b
  na drsta-purvam—no one has previously seen.    Bg 11.47
  sva-drsta-vadbhih—by those who have perfectly realized the self    SB 2.9.9

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