Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: drsam

  drsam—of the eyes.    Adi 4.152, Madhya 21.124, Madhya 24.52, Antya 15.44
  drsam—the direction    SB 2.9.5
  drsam—power of introspection    SB 3.9.22
  drsam—of eyes    SB 1.11.26
  drsam—just suitable    SB 3.1.10
  ambuja-drsam—lotus-eyed    Adi 4.51
  avitrpta-drsam—without fulfillment of vision    SB 3.2.11
  bhinna-drsam—with separate vision    SB 3.29.37
  dharma-drsam—of persons interested in maintaining religion    SB 6.2.2
  kama-drsam—of lusty women    SB 7.6.17-18
  maitri-drsam—your causeless mercy upon me like a friend    SB 5.10.24
  manah-drsam—to the mind and the eye    SB 4.7.32
  mantra-drsam—a seer of mantras    SB 9.16.35
  ma-drsam—of those like me    SB 6.15.11
  ma-drsam—of all the devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu like me    Antya 6.263
  mamsa-drsam—to those who see with their material eyes    SB 10.3.28
  nasta-drsam—one who is already bereft of his transcendental sight    SB 5.5.15
  nasta-drsam—of persons who have lost their sight    SB 1.3.43
  nasta-drsam—of persons who have lost their spiritual vision    Madhya 24.321
  prati-drsam—for every eye    Adi 2.21
  sarva-drsam—the Supersoul    SB 4.22.9
  sarva-drsam—of all sources of knowledge    SB 8.24.50
  upanisat-drsam—by those jnanis who are engaged in studying the Upanisads.    SB 10.13.54
  vrajavama-drsam—of the damsels of Vrndavana    Antya 1.188
  amilita-drsam—with closed eyes    SB 5.8.21

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