Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: donhara

  doṅhāra—of both of them    Madhya 6.228, Madhya 8.23, Madhya 8.53, Madhya 9.175, Madhya 14.82, Madhya 21.118, Madhya 24.275
  doṅhāra—of both    Adi 1.101, Adi 4.257, Madhya 10.180, Madhya 24.330
  doṅhāra—of the two    Adi 1.85-86, Madhya 4.211
  doṅhāra—of the parents, Śacīmātā and Jagannātha Miśra    Adi 14.8
  doṅhāra—of both of us    Madhya 10.169
  doṅhāra bhajana—engages in devotional service of both (Kṛṣṇa and his spiritual master or the sādhu).    Madhya 24.175
  doṅhāra darśane—in seeing one another    Madhya 3.141
  doṅhāra dāsera dāsa—I am a servant of the servant of the servants of these two personalities    Antya 19.109
  tāṅ doṅhāra—of these two persons    Madhya 14.83

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