Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dite

  dite—to give    Adi 9.35, Adi 10.162, Adi 15.11, Adi 17.36, Adi 17.183, Madhya 2.70, Madhya 3.168, Madhya 4.185, Madhya 5.29, Madhya 5.70 (and more...)
  dite—to deliver    Adi 11.26, Madhya 10.74, Madhya 22.18, Madhya 22.21, Antya 3.41, Antya 4.70
  dite—to give in charity    Madhya 5.31, Madhya 5.50, Madhya 5.55, Madhya 5.61, Madhya 5.62
  dite—to bestow.    Adi 3.26
  dite—to give to Me.    Madhya 5.130
  dite—to give.    Antya 7.139
  dite—award    Antya 9.114
  sukha dite—to give happiness    Madhya 9.151, Madhya 20.219, Antya 8.92
  sukha dite—to give pleasure    Madhya 12.186, Antya 15.45
  bhiksa dite—to offer Him lunch    Madhya 9.92
  bhiksa dite—to offer food    Madhya 16.25
  bhiksa dite—to offer lunch    Madhya 19.77
  bhata dite—to supply rice    Antya 1.20
  cahe dite—wants to offer.    Antya 3.188
  sapa dite—cursing    Madhya 15.251
  danda dite—to chastise    Antya 3.156
  dite caha—You must supply    Madhya 3.83
  dite cahi—I want to give    Antya 12.143
  dite nare—does not wish to pay    Antya 9.31
  dite nare—they cannot give    Antya 9.62
  dite aila jvala—has come to give more pain.    Antya 8.23
  duhkha dite—to give unhappiness    Madhya 19.29
  duhkha dite—to give pain    Antya 14.111
  gali dite—to blaspheme or chastise    Antya 5.155
  gali dite caya—wanted to abuse    Madhya 24.237
  haridase dite—to deliver to Haridasa    Antya 11.16
  hata dite—touch with the hand.    Madhya 14.172
  krsna dite—to deliver Krsna    Adi 11.59
  krsna-prema dite—to bestow love of Krsna.    Madhya 8.237
  nimantrana dite—to offer invitations    Madhya 18.132
  prasada dite—supplying the prasada    Madhya 15.247
  prasada dite—to deliver the prasada    Antya 11.75
  prema dite—to give love of Krsna    Adi 11.59
  sukha dite—to please    Madhya 13.24
  saksi dite—to give witness    Madhya 5.80
  vastra dite—to offer cloth    Madhya 20.77
  vidaya dite—to offer farewell    Madhya 7.68
  valuka dite—to offer sand    Antya 11.91-93

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