Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dipa

  dipa—lamps    SB 5.9.15, SB 6.19.7, Antya 12.109, Antya 12.117
  dipa—lamp    Adi 2.89, Madhya 4.64
  dipa—a lamp    Adi 2.89
  dipa jvali—lighting the lamp    Antya 19.61
  dipa-arcih—the flame of a candle    SB 7.1.21
  dipa-arcih—the flame of a lamp    Madhya 20.316
  dipa-balibhih—with lamps    SB 4.21.4
  dipa-avali—a row of lights, the day of Dipavali    Madhya 15.36
  jnana-dipa-prade—who enlightens with the torch of knowledge    SB 7.15.26

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