Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dike

  dike—in the direction    Antya 18.41
  cari-dike—all around    Madhya 9.231, Madhya 12.84, Madhya 12.137, Madhya 12.139, Antya 11.67
  cau-dike—all around    Antya 6.53, Antya 11.69, Antya 12.125, Antya 15.59
  dui-dike—on two sides    Madhya 18.60, Madhya 25.175, Antya 6.297
  cau-dike—on four sides    Madhya 10.34, Madhya 11.232
  cari-dike—on four sides    Madhya 11.225, Madhya 11.230
  cari-dike—on all sides    Madhya 15.208, Madhya 15.209
  cari-dike—in four directions    Madhya 20.193, Antya 2.28
  asta dike—in the eight directions    Adi 9.16
  asta-dike—in the eight directions    Madhya 20.211
  catuh-dike—all around    Madhya 13.190
  cau-dike—in the four directions    Madhya 21.141
  cau-dike—in all four directions    Antya 10.69
  cau-dike—in four directions    Antya 14.107
  cau-dike—around    Antya 17.18
  cau-dike bediya—surrounding the Lord on all sides.    Madhya 14.76
  cari dike—all around    Madhya 13.75
  cari-dike—surrounding the mound of rice    Madhya 3.44
  cari-dike—in the four directions    Madhya 11.215
  dasa-dike—in the ten directions    Madhya 1.272
  dasa-dike—in all the ten directions    Madhya 25.271
  daksina-dike—on the southern side    Antya 16.50
  dui dike—on both sides    Madhya 1.157
  dui dike—from two sides    Madhya 13.10
  dui dike—on two sides    Madhya 13.25
  ei dike—in this direction    Antya 18.46
  eka-dike—on one side    Antya 7.64
  konarkera dike—toward the Konarka temple    Antya 18.31
  kon dike—in what direction    Antya 15.17
  panca-dike—in five directions    Antya 15.9
  purva-dike—on the eastern side    Madhya 20.135
  panca dike—in five directions    Antya 15.17
  panca-dike—in five directions    Antya 15.15
  sata-dike—in seven directions    Antya 10.66
  uttara-dike—on the northern side    Antya 16.41

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