Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhyayet

  dhyāyet—one should meditate upon    SB 3.28.12, SB 3.28.30, SB 6.8.11
  dhyāyet—one should meditate    SB 3.28.18, SB 3.28.22, SB 4.8.57
  dhyāyet—he should meditate on    SB 3.28.25, SB 3.28.33
  dhyāyet—should be concentrated upon    SB 2.1.19
  dhyāyet—he should visualize    SB 3.28.19
  dhyāyet—he should contemplate    SB 3.28.31
  dhyāyet—should meditate    SB 6.18.53

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing dhyayet.