Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhvajah

  dhvajaḥ—ensigns.    SB 3.17.5
  dhvajaḥ—flags    SB 4.29.18-20
  dhvajaḥ ca—a flag also    SB 8.15.5
  garuḍa-dhvajaḥ—Lord Viṣṇu, whose flag bears the emblem of Garuḍa.    SB 4.9.26
  garuḍa-dhvajaḥ—being carried on Garuḍa.    SB 8.6.36
  kapi-dhvajaḥ—one whose flag is marked with Hanumān    Bg 1.20
  kapi-dhvajaḥ—Arjuna    SB 1.7.17
  kapi-dhvajaḥ—Arjuna.    SB 1.14.22
  malaya-dhvajaḥ—Malayadhvaja    SB 4.28.29
  vṛṣa-dhvajaḥ—Lord Śiva, who is carried by a bull    SB 8.12.1-2

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