Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhupa

  dhūpa—incense    SB 1.11.15, SB 4.26.12, SB 6.19.7, SB 8.16.39, Madhya 4.64, Madhya 19.87, Madhya 22.123
  dhūpa—with incense    SB 5.9.15
  dhūpa—by incense    SB 10.2.10
  dhūpa-dīpaiḥ—with incense and lamps    SB 9.11.31-34
  dhūpa-ādi—of incense, and so on    Madhya 24.337
  dhūpa-āmodita-śālāyām—in the arena, which was full of the smoke of incense    SB 8.9.16-17
  sandhyā-dhūpa—dhūpa-ārati just in the beginning of the evening    Madhya 11.214

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