Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhuli

  dhūli—dust    SB 3.14.25, Madhya 2.94, Madhya 12.86, Madhya 12.88, Madhya 12.89, Madhya 12.90, Antya 13.73, Antya 14.45
  dhūli—the dust    Adi 17.244
  pada-dhūli—the dust of the feet    Adi 6.65-66, Madhya 6.38, Madhya 25.272, Antya 6.154
  bhakta-pada-dhūli—the dust of the lotus feet of a devotee    Antya 16.60
  caraṇa-dhūli—the dust of the feet    Antya 20.101
  dhūlī-sadṛśam—like a particle of dust    Antya 20.32
  dhūli-dhūsarita-aṅgaḥ tvam—You have become covered with dust and sand all over Your body    SB 10.11.18
  gaḍi yāya dhūli—roll in the dust.    Adi 17.194
  pada-dhūli—dust of the feet    Madhya 15.82
  pada-dhūli—dust of the lotus feet    Antya 7.46
  pada-dhūli-sama—like a particle of dust at Your lotus feet    Antya 20.34
  sei dhūli—that dust    Antya 16.32
  sūkṣma dhūli—fine dust    Madhya 12.93

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