Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhruk

  dhruk—rebellious    SB 1.8.43
  bhuta-dhruk—he who harms others    SB 6.18.25
  bhuta-dhruk—a person who does not accept the sastric injunctions and is unnecessarily envious of other living entities    SB 10.10.10
  brahma-dhruk—the ultimate truth in Brahman    SB 2.7.22
  brahma-dhruk—unworthy to be a brahmana    SB 4.4.30
  brahma-dhruk—the killer of a brahmana    SB 5.26.14
  mitra-dhruk—one who turns against a friend or relative    SB 6.2.9-10
  yajna-dhruk—creating a disturbance in the performance of the sacrifice    SB 4.19.36
  atma-dhruk—envious of himself    SB 4.23.28

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