Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhiya

  dhiya—by intelligence.    SB 2.1.23, SB 2.2.20, SB 3.6.38, SB 3.9.10, SB 3.12.7, SB 3.13.16, SB 3.15.42, SB 5.26.39, SB 9.4.42, SB 9.11.16 (and more...)
  dhiya—by meditating    SB 3.9.11, SB 4.9.2, SB 7.15.77
  dhiya—by their intelligence    SB 5.18.9, SB 8.3.29, Antya 14.1
  dhiya—with the intelligence    SB 3.29.5, SB 4.4.25
  dhiya—how the intelligence is working    SB 8.5.27
  dhiya—in full consciousness.    SB 2.1.18
  dhiya—by attention    SB 2.2.13
  dhiya—by such clean intelligence    SB 2.4.21
  dhiya—with intelligence    SB 3.16.11
  dhiya—by thought    SB 3.22.21
  dhiya—mentally    SB 3.25.12
  dhiya—with the mind    SB 3.26.72
  dhiya—in meditation    SB 4.7.18
  dhiya—meditation    SB 4.8.80
  dhiya—by so-called meditation or intelligence    SB 6.4.29
  dhiya—with full intelligence.    SB 6.5.10
  dhiya—by wisdom    SB 6.7.17
  dhiya—even by meditation    SB 7.10.50
  dhiya—by consideration    SB 8.16.17
  dhiya—by such intelligence.    SB 8.22.22
  dhiya—with the path of knowledge    SB 9.8.27
  dhiya—by the mind    Adi 3.111
  a-tat-dhiya—by accepting the body as the self    SB 7.9.17
  adhoksaja-dhiya—although Gargamuni was visible to the senses, Nanda Maharaja maintained a very high respect for him    SB 10.8.2
  anukampita-dhiya—out of compassion    SB 3.28.29
  svaya dhiya—by his reason    SB 3.17.29
  uddhura-dhiya—by first-class intelligence    Adi 17.293
  udvigna-dhiya—because of some anxiety    SB 8.16.8
  vakra-dhiya—with a cold reception    SB 4.3.18
  visama-dhiya—by this unequal intelligence    SB 6.16.41
  yajna-isvara-dhiya—with the perfect intelligence of thinking as part and parcel of the Supreme Lord    SB 4.20.35-36

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