Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhisnyam

  dhiṣṇyam—the controlling deity    SB 3.6.17, SB 3.6.18
  dhiṣṇyam—the controlling power    SB 3.6.23, SB 3.6.24
  dhiṣṇyam—situated    SB 3.8.4, SB 4.8.50
  dhiṣṇyam—post    SB 2.1.30
  dhiṣṇyam—with control    SB 3.6.26
  dhiṣṇyam—place    SB 3.9.18
  dhiṣṇyam—abode.    SB 3.15.39
  dhiṣṇyam—abode    SB 3.16.32
  dhiṣṇyam—seat    SB 4.8.11
  dhiṣṇyam—the place for realization    SB 8.5.36
  akuṇṭha-dhiṣṇyam—Vaikuṇṭhaloka in the spiritual sky.    SB 3.5.46
  dhyāna-dhiṣṇyam—who is appreciated by meditation    SB 10.3.28
  siddheśvara-yuṣṭa-dhiṣṇyam—airplanes used by the great purified souls    SB 2.2.26
  sva-dhiṣṇyam—radiation    SB 2.6.17
  sva-dhiṣṇyam—own position    SB 3.6.19
  sva-dhiṣṇyam—own seat    SB 3.8.21
  tat-dhiṣṇyam—His place of residence    SB 6.4.13

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