Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhisnya

  dhiṣṇya—statue    SB 3.29.16
  aśeṣa-dhiṣṇya-pāḥ—the principal men of all the planets    SB 7.4.13
  dhiṣṇya-agryam—the transcendental airplane    SB 4.12.29
  dhiṣṇya-pānām—of the chiefs of different states or planets    SB 7.9.23
  dhiṣṇya-sthaḥ—situated on the altar of sacrifice    SB 8.15.8-9
  sarva-dhiṣṇya-pāḥ—the rulers of the heavenly planets.    SB 7.8.26
  sva-dhiṣṇya-upagatam—reaching their respective abodes    SB 7.8.15

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