Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhira

  dhira—sober.    Antya 2.170, Antya 9.151, Antya 18.63
  dhira—patient.    Madhya 11.128, Madhya 12.166
  dhira—self-controlled    SB 1.18.8
  dhira—pacified    Madhya 4.46
  dhira—fixed.    Madhya 5.158
  dhira—patient    Madhya 8.199
  dhira—the sober    Madhya 14.144
  dhira—sober    Madhya 15.140
  dhira—a very learned and gentle scholar.    Antya 14.5
  dhira-adhira—a mixture of sober and restless.    Madhya 14.143
  dhira-adhira—the heroine who is a combination of sobriety and restlessness    Madhya 14.148
  dhira-adhira-atmaka—consisting of anger due to jealousy, which anger is sometimes expressed and sometimes suppressed    Madhya 8.172
  dhira-lalita—a person who can keep his girlfriend always in subjugation by different qualities    Madhya 8.187
  dhira-lalitah—a hero in loving affairs    Madhya 8.188
  dhira-adi-vibheda—the three divisions of dhira, adhira and dhiradhira    Madhya 14.151
  haya dhira—are very sober    Madhya 14.143
  maha-dhira—completely sober.    Adi 8.55
  maha-dhira—most sober    Adi 9.16
  maha-dhira—very sober    Antya 5.45-46
  maha-dhira—very grave.    Antya 5.114

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