Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhik

  dhik—all condemnation    SB 5.1.37, SB 6.14.40
  dhik—condemnation    SB 6.18.40, Antya 19.43
  dhik—shameful    SB 4.4.22
  dhik dhik—fie! fie!    Madhya 16.275, Madhya 16.275
  dhik-kāra—condemnation.    Adi 16.27, Madhya 13.182
  dhik dhairyam—to hell with patience    Antya 1.152
  dhik mām—all condemnation upon me    SB 6.2.27
  dhik-kṛtaḥ—being condemned    SB 7.8.53
  dhik-kāra—chastisement.    Antya 3.200
  dhik-vidhim—condemnation to Vidhi, the maker of my destiny.    Antya 19.35
  kaṣṭam dhik—oh, shame upon Me    Antya 1.142
  loka-dhik-kāra—by public condemnation    SB 4.14.12
  parama dhik-kāra—immediately to be rejected.    Antya 12.108

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