Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dharmena

  dharmeṇa—on religious principles    SB 3.1.36, SB 5.15.11
  dharmeṇa—in compliance with the codes of royal principles    SB 1.9.49
  dharmeṇa—with religion    SB 1.17.33
  dharmeṇa—on the right path    SB 3.1.6
  dharmeṇa—by engagement    SB 3.7.12
  dharmeṇa—according to regulative principles    SB 3.12.55
  dharmeṇa—on the principles of devotional service    SB 3.13.11
  dharmeṇa—by devotional service    SB 3.15.14
  dharmeṇa—by prescribed duties    SB 3.32.34-36
  dharmeṇa—by occupation    SB 4.14.18
  dharmeṇa—by Dharmarāja    SB 5.23.1
  dharmeṇa—according to religious principles    SB 6.4.16
  dharmeṇa—with the religious system    SB 6.16.42
  pāramahaṁsya-dharmeṇa—by executing the transcendental process of devotional service    SB 6.9.33
  sva-dharmeṇa—by one’s own occupational duties    SB 3.6.34
  sva-dharmeṇa—by one’s occupation    SB 3.27.7
  sva-dharmeṇa—by executing one’s prescribed duties    SB 3.27.21
  sva-dharmeṇa—by one’s prescribed duties    SB 3.29.15
  sva-dharmeṇa—by his occupational duties    SB 4.20.9
  sva-dharmeṇa—by his own duty    SB 5.15.7
  sva-dharmeṇa—by discharging devotional service    SB 5.24.18
  sva-dharmeṇa—by his constitutional activities    SB 9.4.26

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