Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dharah

  dharaḥ—possessing    SB 4.9.6
  dharaḥ—putting on    SB 4.21.18
  dharaḥ—holding    SB 6.4.35-39
  dharaḥ—the planet earth    SB 6.8.15
  dharāḥ—earth    SB 4.24.63
  pīta-ambara-dharaḥ—dressed with yellow garments    Adi 5.214, Madhya 8.140
  asi-dharaḥ—carrying a sword in the hand    SB 6.8.22
  bhava-vrata-dharāḥ—taking a vow to satisfy Lord Śiva    SB 4.2.28
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-dharaḥ—bearing the transcendental weapons: the conchshell, disc and club.    SB 6.9.28
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-dharaḥ—bearing the conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower.    SB 8.17.4
  śīla-dharaḥ—qualified    SB 3.14.49
  śiraḥ-dharaḥ—neck.    SB 3.31.8
  daṇḍa-dharaḥ—carrier of the scepter    SB 4.21.22
  daṇḍa-dharaḥ—the supreme administrator of punishment    SB 6.3.7
  daṇḍa-dharaḥ—the carrier of the rod of punishment    SB 6.17.11
  daṇḍa-dharaḥ—a great personality who can punish others    SB 9.15.10
  dhanur-dharaḥ—the carrier of the bow and arrow    Bg 18.78
  dharā-dharaḥ—the protector of the planet earth    SB 4.17.35
  eka-śṛṅga-dharaḥ—with one horn    SB 8.24.44
  eka-patnī-vrata-dharaḥ—taking a vow not to accept a second wife or to have any connection with any other woman    SB 9.10.54
  gadā-dharaḥ—Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva, who also holds a club in His hand    SB 7.8.25
  jala-dharāḥ—the clouds    SB 10.3.7-8
  jaṭā-dharaḥ—keeping matted locks of hair    SB 6.17.7
  jaṭā-dharaḥ—with matted locks    SB 8.4.8
  karṇa-dhāraḥ—captain    SB 1.1.22
  karṇa-dhāraḥ—captain of the ship    SB 1.13.40
  madhu-dhārāḥ—flows of honey    SB 5.16.22
  madhu-dhārāḥ—showers of honey    Madhya 8.276
  madhu-dhārāḥ—showers    Madhya 24.208
  mahā-vrata-dharaḥ—the master of great vows and austerities    SB 6.17.8
  manu-vaṁśa-dharaḥ—as the descendant of the Manu dynasty    SB 2.7.20
  mūrti-dharāḥ—personified    SB 1.19.23
  nāṭya-dharaḥ—dressed as a player    SB 1.8.19
  pīta-ambara-dharaḥ—wearing yellow garments    Madhya 8.81
  pratiṣed-dhāraḥ—who are opposing    SB 6.1.32
  srak-dharaḥ—wearing a flower garland    SB 8.7.17
  su-srak-dharaḥ—decorated with a nice garland    SB 8.15.8-9
  suhṛt-liṅga-dharaḥ—who has assumed the role of a friend    SB 7.5.38
  sumanaḥ-dhārāḥ—showers of flowers    SB 4.15.7
  sūda-rūpa-dharaḥ—disguised himself as a cook    SB 9.9.20-21
  tṛṇabindoḥ yaśaḥ-dharāḥ—continued the fame of King Tṛṇabindu.    SB 9.2.35-36
  vaṁśa-dharaḥ—heir apparent    SB 1.12.12
  vajra-dharaḥ—the controller of the thunderbolts    SB 2.7.1
  vajra-dharaḥ—the carrier of the thunderbolt (King Indra)    SB 6.11.9
  vajra-dharaḥ—the carrier of the thunderbolt    SB 8.11.27
  vādya-dharāḥ ca—those who played on musical drums    SB 10.12.34
  vāri-dhāraḥ—Vāridhāra    SB 5.19.16
  vātyā-rūpa-dharaḥ—who had assumed the form of a forceful whirlwind    SB 10.7.26
  ṛg-veda-dharaḥ—the professor of the Ṛg Veda    SB 1.4.21
  ṛṣi-rūpa-dharaḥ—assuming the form of great saintly persons like Yājñavalkya    SB 8.14.8

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