Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhara

  dhara—holding.    Madhya 20.227, Madhya 20.228, Madhya 20.229, Madhya 20.230, Madhya 20.231, Madhya 20.232, Madhya 20.233
  dhara—holding    Madhya 20.224, Madhya 20.225, Madhya 20.227, Madhya 20.233, Madhya 20.234, Madhya 20.238
  dharā—the planet earth    SB 4.17.29, SB 5.15.10
  dhara—carrying.    Adi 17.13
  dhara—just catch    Madhya 7.39
  dhara—You hold    Madhya 9.289
  dhara—You accept    Madhya 17.10
  dhara—You have    Madhya 17.172
  dhara—process    Madhya 20.105
  dhara—have    Antya 4.168
  dhara—bear    Antya 7.12
  dhara—you bear.    Antya 7.132
  dhara—accept.    Antya 8.83
  dhara—keep    Antya 13.57
  dhara—please place.    Antya 16.22
  dharā—earth    SB 2.4.20
  dharā—earthly planets    SB 3.6.27
  dharā—the earth    SB 3.18.2
  dharā—the same Dharā    SB 10.8.50
  dharā—on the surface of the globe    SB 10.12.17
  dhāra—shower.    Madhya 4.5
  dhāra—streams.    Madhya 21.108
  dhāra—like a shower.    Madhya 21.109
  dhāra—flow    Antya 14.93
  dhāra—flow.    Antya 14.94
  dhārā—Dhārā    SB 6.6.13
  dhārā—pouring of water    Madhya 13.105
  dhārā—torrents    Madhya 13.109
  aśru-dhāra—tears in the eyes.    Adi 8.27, Adi 8.31
  aśru-dhāra—a flow of tears.    Madhya 12.138, Antya 17.16
  amṛtera dhāra—a continuous shower of nectar    Madhya 25.58, Antya 1.172
  rakta-dhāra—a flow of blood.    Adi 17.45, Antya 19.59
  aśru-dhāra—a shower of tears.    Adi 5.165
  aśru-dhāra—tears.    Adi 10.28
  aśru-dhāra—torrents of tears.    Madhya 4.201
  aśru-dhāra—a stream of tears.    Antya 16.93
  aśru-dhāra—showers of tears    Antya 16.148
  amṛtera dhāra—drops of nectar    Adi 16.110
  amṛtera dhāra—constant shower of nectar    Antya 1.193
  astra-dhara—holding of different weapons    Madhya 20.226
  bheda-dhara—differences in holding    Madhya 20.239
  bhū-dhara—O lifter of the earth    SB 3.13.40
  bāhya-jala-dhārā—the flow of water from the Causal Ocean outside the universe    SB 5.17.1
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-dharā—and holding the weapons of Viṣṇu (conchshell, disc and club)    SB 10.4.10-11
  śata-śata dhāra—hundreds and hundreds of branches.    Antya 5.162
  śata-dhāra—with hundreds of branches.    Madhya 14.140
  śela-dhāra—a thunderbolt.    Madhya 18.178
  śiraḥ-dhara—necks    SB 4.11.5
  śiraḥ-dhara—neck    SB 5.12.5-6
  śruta-dhara-anvitaḥ—along with his friend Śrutadhara.    SB 4.25.50
  śruta-dhara-anvitaḥ—with his friend Śrutadhara.    SB 4.25.51
  śruti-dhara—one who can immediately remember.    Adi 16.44
  daṇḍa-dhara—O supreme chastiser    SB 6.9.40
  dhara-upasthe—on the surface of the earth    SB 7.13.40
  dharā dharaye—carries innumerable planets    Madhya 20.370
  dharā paḍe—he would be caught.    Antya 6.158
  dharā-dharaḥ—the protector of the planet earth    SB 4.17.35
  dharā-jvaraḥ—the distress on the earth    SB 10.1.22
  dharā-maṇḍala—of planets    SB 5.1.22
  dharā-maṇḍala—of the planet earth    SB 6.1.4-5
  dharā-talam—the surface of the earth    SB 3.17.11
  dharā-uddhāre—to lift the earth    SB 7.1.41
  dharā-upasthe—on the ground    SB 7.13.12-13
  dharā-ādiṣu—in giving the land to the brāhmaṇa.    SB 8.20.7
  dhārā-śālī—abounding in showers    Antya 1.160
  eka-dhāra—one stream    Madhya 3.36
  gaṅgā-dhāra—the flow of the Ganges.    Madhya 3.36
  gaṅgā-dhāra—the flowing of the water of the Ganges    Madhya 20.383
  gaṅgā-dhārā-prāya—like the flow of the Ganges.    Madhya 17.111
  gaṅgā-jala-dhāra—the flowing of the waters of the Ganges    Adi 16.100
  hala-dhara—Lord Balarāma, the holder of the plow    Adi 3.74
  jala-dhara—cloud carrying water    Madhya 21.109
  jala-dhāra—flow of water.    Madhya 14.12
  jala-dhāra—a continuous flow of water.    Antya 11.55
  jala-dhāra—showers of water    Antya 18.85
  kṣura-dhārā—the blade of a razor    SB 6.18.41
  kānti-amṛta-dhāra—the showers of the nectar of Kṛṣṇa's bodily luster.    Antya 19.42
  mūrti-dhara—Kṛṣṇa, the personified reservoir of all pleasure    Madhya 8.143
  nahe aśru-dhāra—there are no tears in the eyes    Adi 8.29-30
  paḍe aśru-dhāra—tears fell from his eyes    Antya 2.63
  pīta-ambara-dhara—one who wears yellow garments    Antya 17.60
  pickāri-dhārā—like water coming in force from a syringe    Madhya 11.223
  rajju-dhara—holding the reins    Madhya 9.99
  sūtra-dhāra—wire-puller    Madhya 7.18
  sūtra-dhāra—the puller of the strings    Madhya 8.132
  tigma-dhāra-asi-vara—O best of swords possessing very sharp blades    SB 6.8.26
  tāra śata śata dhāra—the flow of that eternal bliss is running in hundreds of branches    Madhya 25.271
  varṣa-dhara—by King Nābhi, the Emperor of Bhārata-varṣa    SB 5.3.16
  viṣa-dhara—serpentine living entities.    Antya 9.8
  yadi dhara—if you accept    Madhya 24.255
  yena yama daṇḍa-dhara—exactly like the superintendent of death, Yamarāja.    Madhya 24.235

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