Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhanuh

  dhanuḥ—bow    Bg 1.20, SB 6.1.34-36, SB 6.4.35-39, SB 7.10.65-66
  dhanuḥ—the bow    SB 3.1.40, SB 7.15.42, SB 9.10.6-7, SB 9.10.42-43
  dhanuḥ—his bow    SB 4.10.16, SB 4.16.23
  dhanuḥ—arrows and bow    SB 1.18.24-25
  dhanuḥ—unto the bow    SB 7.10.65-66
  dhanuḥ—a bow    SB 8.15.6
  dhanuḥ—by which the bow    Madhya 14.194
  dhanuḥ ca—and the bow    SB 8.20.30
  dhanuḥ divyam—a first-class or transcendental bow    SB 9.6.15-16
  dhanuḥ dvāri—bow on the door    SB 3.1.16
  dhanuḥ te—the same bow    SB 1.15.21
  dhanuḥ-asī—the carrier of the bow and the sword    SB 10.6.22-23
  dhanuḥ-bāṇa haste—with arrows and bow in hand    Madhya 24.235
  dhanuḥ-śūla-iṣu-carma-asi—with bow, trident, arrows, shield and sword    SB 10.4.10-11
  dhanuḥ-dharam—carrying a bow    SB 9.15.29
  dhanuḥ-guṇa—the string of the bow    Madhya 21.129
  dhanuḥ-koṭyā—with the front of the bow    SB 1.18.30
  dhanuḥ-koṭyā—by the power of his bow    SB 4.18.29
  dhanuḥ-mataḥ—of the bowman    Antya 1.195
  dhanuḥ-pāṇiḥ—taking his bow and arrows    SB 9.7.16
  dhanuḥ-rahasyaḥ—one who understands the intricacies of military art    SB 3.1.31
  dhanuḥ-tīrthe snāna—bathing at the holy place known as Dhanustīrtha    Madhya 9.199
  dhanuḥ-veda-viśāradaḥ—very expert in the art of archery    SB 9.21.35
  dhanuḥ-vedam—military science    SB 3.12.38
  dhanuḥ-vedaḥ—knowledge in the art of manipulating bows and arrows    SB 1.7.44
  sapta-dhanuḥ—a distance measured by seven bows (approximately fourteen yards)    SB 6.11.11
  smara-dhanuḥ—the bow of Cupid    Antya 1.171

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