Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dayita

  dayita—O most beloved    Madhya 4.197, Antya 8.34
  dayita—pleasing    SB 5.1.5
  dayita—of their beloved husband    SB 7.2.32
  dayita—merciful    Madhya 2.67
  dayita—the dear wife    SB 3.33.1
  dayita—servants called dayitas    Madhya 13.9
  balistha dayita gana—very strong dayitas, or carriers of Jagannatha    Madhya 13.8
  dayita-svarupe—who was very dear to Him (Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu)    Madhya 19.121
  dayita-gana—the dayitas    Madhya 13.10
  dayita-gatim—the arrangement for delivering Sita    SB 9.10.12
  he dayita—O most dear    Madhya 2.65
  kataka dayita—some of the dayitas    Madhya 13.9
  sa-dayita-anujah—along with His wife and younger brother    SB 2.7.23

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