Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dattva

  dattva—having given    SB 3.21.31, SB 4.7.57, SB 4.12.9
  dattva—delivering    SB 6.4.16, SB 9.19.21
  dattva—after offering    SB 6.19.15, SB 10.6.35-36
  dattva—giving    SB 7.12.13-14, SB 9.18.19
  dattva—giving in charity    SB 8.9.14-15, SB 8.13.13
  dattva—returning it    SB 3.3.6
  dattva—after supplying    SB 3.3.28
  dattva—offering    SB 4.1.32
  dattva—awarding    SB 4.9.22
  dattva—placing    SB 4.12.30
  dattva—offering Him    SB 8.16.40
  dattva—after giving charity    SB 8.19.33
  dattva—after delivering    SB 9.3.36
  dattva—after giving    SB 9.4.4-5
  dattva—after giving in exchange    SB 9.9.16-17
  dattva—gave charge    SB 9.10.32
  dattva—and after delivering    SB 9.15.7
  dattva—returning    SB 9.17.13
  dattva—giving in marriage    SB 9.18.30
  dattva—giving away    SB 9.21.9
  dattva—delivering Them    SB 10.8.23
  dattva udakam—offering oblations of water    SB 4.23.22
  dattva acamanam—giving water to wash the hands and mouth    SB 8.16.41

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