Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: damstra

  daṁṣṭra—teeth    SB 2.7.14, SB 5.9.18, SB 7.5.39-40
  daṁṣṭrā—teeth    Bg 11.25, Bg 11.26-27
  daṁṣṭra—the teeth    SB 10.6.15-17
  daṁṣṭra—by the teeth    Antya 3.56
  babu-daṁṣṭrā—many teeth    Bg 11.23
  daṁṣṭra-agra—the tips of the tusks    SB 3.13.40
  daṁṣṭra-agra—on the ends of His tusks    SB 3.18.6
  karāla-daṁṣṭra—with terrible teeth    SB 7.2.3
  sva-daṁṣṭra-agreṇa—by the edge of His tusks    SB 3.14.3
  vajra-daṁṣṭra—O You who possess teeth like thunderbolts    SB 5.18.8

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