Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: damah

  damaḥ—control of the senses    Bg 10.4-5, SB 3.31.33, SB 5.5.24, SB 7.11.21, SB 10.4.41
  damaḥ—self-control    Bg 18.42, Madhya 19.213
  damaḥ—control of the sense organs    SB 1.16.26-30
  damaḥ—punishment    SB 1.18.41
  damaḥ—punishment (the stick, argumentum ad baculum).    SB 7.5.16
  damaḥ—control of the senses (not allowing the senses to act without control)    SB 7.11.8-12
  damaḥ—(was named) Dama    SB 9.2.29
  damaḥ—controlling the senses    Madhya 22.88-90
  arim-damaḥ—who was competent to subdue his enemy    SB 6.12.24
  damaḥ ca—and controlling the mind    Bg 16.1-3

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