Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chade

  chade—gives up    Madhya 5.63, Madhya 14.137, Antya 4.46
  chade—give up    Madhya 16.148, Antya 3.59
  chade—he gives up    Madhya 11.117
  chade—one releases    Madhya 20.6
  chade—leaves    Antya 14.68
  chade—become separated    Antya 18.69
  chade mana—gives up pride    Antya 20.54
  na chade—does not quit    Madhya 9.101
  nahi chade—do not give up    Madhya 17.196
  nahi chade—does not give up    Antya 6.253
  nahi chade—they do not give up    Antya 17.18
  patha chade—leave the path    Madhya 17.25

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