Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chada

  chada—give up    Madhya 1.281, Madhya 3.71, Madhya 3.72, Madhya 3.82, Madhya 3.106, Madhya 8.278, Madhya 20.42, Madhya 20.366, Madhya 25.195, Antya 2.125 (and more...)
  chada—please give up    Antya 17.37
  avisvasa chada—give up your doubts    Antya 2.31
  dainya chada—give up your humility    Madhya 1.208
  dasta-dat-chada—biting her lip with her teeth.    SB 9.18.15
  prana chada—giving up life    Madhya 7.7-8

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