Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: caranam

  caranam—feet    SB 2.6.36
  caranam—the lotus feet    SB 4.31.28
  caranam—of those that move on wings    SB 6.4.9
  khe-caranam—flying in the sky    SB 3.19.6
  khe-caranam—of those who were flying in the air (the Gandharvas)    SB 4.3.5-7
  mukunda-caranam—to the lotus feet of Mukunda, Lord Krsna, who can give liberation    SB 7.7.50
  sthira-caranam—of the immobile and mobile manifestations    SB 3.32.12-15
  tat-caranam—his lotus feet    SB 6.7.15

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